Matryoshka Doll

Matryoshka animal Wild Cats
The wooden dolls, designed to look like jungle cats, each decrease in size and fit inside one another.
There are five dolls in this set including a lion, tiger, leopard, panther and jaguar.
Makes a great for animal lovers and fans of arts and crafts.
The tallest of these nested dolls measures 6".
Wooden Nesting Dolls
Ideal gift to kids on birthday,christmas or any other special day or use it as a decoration
We also have other animal theme nesting dolls for you to choose:panda,penguin,chicken,duck,frog,owl,bear,dog,monke
wooden nesting dolls russian
the matryoshka is a set of wooden nesting dolls, also known as Russian dolls or Matryoshka dolls.
The wooden dolls, designed to look like ocean animals, each decrease in size and fit inside one anothery,wolf...
russian nesting dolls
Nesting Doll is handmade craftwork.
EASY TO OPEN & FITS VERY WELL: Children are able to open and close it by themselves. The top and bottom pieces fit perfectly.
NO PAINT SMELL: The paint for nesting doll is high-grade eco-friendly.
NATURAL SAFE WOOD: Nesting Dolls is made of linden wood. Carefully selected and polished. Safe enough for kids.
matryoshka doll
Nesting dolls are made in China, the production process originated in Russia, with the help of China's strong manufacturing capability, this Russian traditional handicraft product has been greatly developed
Diy russian dolls
Exquisite - Exquisitely polished, feel more comfortable and give you a better experience. Fun - Paint your nesting doll with your children and spend a fun weekend together.
DIY matryoshka doll
6 Inches Tall
Sanded & Ready for Decorating
New Improved Quality
Set of 5 Dolls
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